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About Us

We are PT. ANUGERAH CAHAYAMAS ABADI, a shipping company that services return route between Jakarta - Pekanbaru. We are here to help you.


"Becoming a Powerful Indonesian Shipping Company and Helping to Achieve Social Justice in Indonesia"


  • Manage and improve sea freight to ensure the accessibility and support of our community as well as demonstrate feasibility of goods distribution across Indonesia.
  • Obtain high efficiency in marine transportation business.
  • Increase revenue contribution for the state and employees and play a role in environmental development as well as providing service to the community.


PT. Anugerah Cahayamas Abadi established since 2006, started with two fleet vessels, KM Cahaya Abadi 201 and KM Cahaya Abadi 202. From the beginning, our company has endeavoured to distribute food and building materials all around the country. Our aim is to promote cheap transportation costs enabling an affordable and attainable delivery of materials. Despite the increase of fuel prices over the last decade, we have not increased freight costs.
We strengthened our fleet with the addition of KM Cahaya Abadi 203. This ship has the capacity of 1,398 tons, a length of 74 meters, with the main engine capacity of 1.800 HP. We remain committed to continually expanding and strengthening our fleet. In addition to our existing routes in Java and Sumatera, our target is to reach the eastern territory of the Republic of Indonesia up to Merauke.
2007 - 2014
Our vessels docked at Tanjung Priok Port.
2014 - 2015
Our vessels docked at Port of KCN (Kawasan Citra Nusantara) Marunda.
2015 - PRESENT
Our Vessels docked at Port Marunda Center, a port managed by PT. Tegar Port Indonesia, located in Tarumajaya Bekasi West Java.
2014 - PRESENT
our ships are docked at Port of Rumbai managed by PT Radic Wibawa Perkasa.
Port of Rumbai has major advantages, including:
1. The sea depth allows our ships to dock at the dock.
2. The width of the river is sufficient for our vessels to maneuver.
3. Easy access for trucks going in and out of ports within Pekanbaru territory.



We are always prioritize to comply with all regulations and procedures applicable to running a business.


We are proud to be serving the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia to equalise social justice for its citizens by helping to equally distribute goods.


We guarantee impeccable customer service and focus to achieve work objectives in a timely and absolute manner.


We are always dedicated to developing and producing qualified and reliable employees.